Cards to give away.

The elephant cards are a sustainable project to kindergartens and schools for their own design of motifs in connection with the value concepts. At the same time they are also a wonderful gift for friends and business partners. Therefore, we have also developed some versions of gift boxes and offer them on the site.

Show those around you that values are important to you and give a small moment of reflection and purpose.┬áThe values cards are an initiative to simply talk more about values. In everyday life, at work, during free time, at play, …
Let’s talk about what is important and what connects our world.

Get active and join in! Give the cards as a gift and let’s move the world together.┬áThe cards can also be used in therapeutic contexts, coaching and mediation.

Translations into other languages are encouraged and can be submitted to the publisher. Contributors will be named upon request. Please do not make any changes to the assigned terms, as this is the only way to ensure a clear comparison of the values worldwide. Changes to the layout are desired and expressly permitted.

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