Values define our lives.

  • Gain insight into your fundamental values
  • Would you like to learn how to integrate values in an enriching way into your life or your business in order to discover your true extraordinary abilities?
  •  Playfully discover within a few minutes which elementary guiding principles are really meaningful for you in life, at work and in relationships.
  • Deepen your self-understanding and understanding of the people around you, and develop a profound awareness of your own values and the values of others.
  • Gain insight into your true values
  • Playfully discover in just a few minutes which fundamental values play a central role for you in life, work and relationships.
  • Find increased clarity and solutions in areas of life such as: Personal development, relationships and professional career.

    Which values define your life? Choose your favourites from 54 value cards.

Values determine our lives and our togetherness. With this global project, we are creating a basis for integrating values into everyday life in a playful way.
A small side effect. With the cards, 54 value terms can be learned in a new language at the same time. Very simple and playful.
Join in. Here are some examples of how the cards can be used. And of course 🙂 many card games can be played with these cards. Find out more under Games.

Values define YOU.

1 from 54

Draw any card from the deck in the morning and try to think about it again and again that day and live and experience that value. 

12 from 54

Blindly draw 12 cards from the deck. Place the cards in 2 rows and sort them in descending order according to your values. The card with the most important value goes in the first place. The card with the least value to the last place. Take a picture of these 12 cards. Now read the values of all the remaining 42 cards. If you feel that other cards better reflect your values, replace them and again put the 12 cards in an individual order that you have determined. Take a photo of your second list again. Now compare your values with your partner, your friends, your loved ones, … Thus begins a discussion about the meaning and importance of values. Have fun.
Small hint: 12 out of 54 cards results in 164 trillion (164 x 10 to the power of 18) possibilities.